Future Trend | Blockchain is disrupting Trust

What does disruption mean in 2017?

There is no doubt at all how fast things are moving when it comes to new on-demand platforms. We’ve got more choice than ever before and the power balance has shifted well and truly into the hands of the consumer, literally.

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Is the sharing economy always a net good?

While the sharing economy is changing conventional models, downsides can loom, including quality control and effective protection of workers’ rights.

The sharing economy is crashing down on conventional company models. It’s slicing through conventional work models with contract work that enlists the Web and other technologies to draw on communities of interest and expertise.

Known as the sharing economy, the model enables companies to lease people’s services from anywhere around the globe and promises more efficient use of resources, where companies can gain near-instant access to skilled application programmers or writers and expand and contract as business needs require. Traditional companies hire full-time employees for the long term; the collaborative economy bids out jobs, often on a short-term contract basis. Read more

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