Future Trend | Blockchain is disrupting Trust

What does disruption mean in 2017?

There is no doubt at all how fast things are moving when it comes to new on-demand platforms. We’ve got more choice than ever before and the power balance has shifted well and truly into the hands of the consumer, literally.

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Unlock your Futurist Vision for 2017

This is our industrial revolution

The innovation and change we will witness over the next 3 years will shape and define the next 100 years in a way we have not seen before in history.

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Driverless just got real in Western Australia

Intelligent, Safer, and Experience driven 

Driverless technology is topic du jour, there is no doubt, and its a race to the finish line. After 10 years of some intense R&D, and some private trials earlier on this year in WA, the Intellibus from RAC might have just taken first position on Perth’s roads yesterday afternoon.

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The Future of Retail – Emotional Analytics

Creating Incredible Experiences and Understanding Emotions. It’s the Future of Retail

Since the beginning of 2015, I’ve been talking to audiences around the world about the importance of creating incredible customer experiences. The context of this has been the massive shift we’ve seen towards online buying – online sales figures continue to grow by more than 10% year after year. And traditional retailers have been reeling. So, is this the death of ‘real world’ shopping as many have predicted? I don’t think so, but something DOES have to radically change. I believe that change is going to centre around creating unique, personalised customer experiences that bring the worlds of online and offline together. Read more

Disruption isn’t disruption anymore. It’s time to refocus your business.

Digital disruption. There is no doubt that this was the buzz-phrase of 2014. There is no doubt it is going to be the hot topic for C-level executives in 2015. But there’s a problem. ‘Disruption’ isn’t ‘disruption’ any more – it’s an earthquake. I believe that the label we have put on this phenomenon is distorting our perception of its magnitude and impact. And that’s dangerous for you as a leader and dangerous for the future of your business. The stakes have never been higher.

So what’s the answer? How should we respond? How do we ensure that our current understanding of digital disruption isn’t leading us astray? How do we avoid taking our eyes off the main game and being distracted by the latest shiny object to appear in our field of view? Good questions! To look forward into the future, we need to begin with a quick look backwards to the emergence of digital disruption. Read more

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