NSW Future Transport Roadmap Launched

It’s a connected, automated and intelligent future 

Transport for New South Wales are seriously on the move, and have today just launched the exciting Future Transport Roadmap – giving an insight into what lies around the corner for the state when it comes to a truly connected city.

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Election 2016 – The Analytics War Has Started

The data is already telling a story

Real-time analytics is a topic that continues to dominate the business world in 2016, and with good reason. Data will tell a story about your business, your competitors, and the movements in your industry, and it allows you to make decisions in a way that will leap frog your competition.

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Can Apps Transform the Way We Buy Cars?

Traditional Car Dealerships Need to Innovate

Mobile applications and web technologies have revolutionised the way we shop. Whether it’s on a smartphone, tablet, PC, or Mac, we can simply enter in some search terms and quickly find what we’re looking for. Then, with a few clicks of a button, the purchase can be completed and we can even have the product delivered straight to our doors. And yet some industries refuse to move with the times, stuck firmly in the 20th century in terms of how they offer their products /services, and how they interact with their customers – car dealerships are among the guiltiest for refusing to incorporate new app and selling technologies, which would benefit both them and those looking to buy a car.

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