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Are you ready for 2016? It’s going to be huge

There is no doubt that 2015 was the year of big data, the cloud, and breaking down the borders between mobile, technology and people. Businesses have been working tirelessly to understand how to create experiences for their customers, and bridging the gap between online and offline. Looking ahead into next year promises even more opportunities for us all, and it will be the year of the consumer.

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How is the Sharing Economy shaping the Future of Business?

ABC News 24 looks into the future #talkaboutit

The Sharing Economy or the ‘Collaborative Economy’ has fundamentally transformed the way we do business and transact on a daily basis. It is growing at an astonishing rate, and is widely predicted to double in the next 12 months. This isn’t just about buying or selling  online through traditional ecommerce sites. It’s a new and very powerful movement in which people are getting goods and services from each other.

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Our mobile future. It’s all about devices.

In a recent appearance on channel 7’s Morning Show we were discussing the future of communication. Just over 50 years ago, there were still 20,000 telegrams being sent by Australians on an annual basis, and it was less than 60 years ago that the very first television programme was broadcast in Australia. When you compare that to the situation that exists today, with 31 million mobile devices floating around in 2014 (8 million more than the number of people who live in this country), you really get a feel for the pace of change in the world of communications technology.

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What kind of impacts are robots having on the workplace?

Robots and automation are topics that are coming up more and more frequently. South Australia are recently conducting driverless vehicle trials on the public highways, and we are seeing increasing amounts of technology coming into our homes and places of work.

As humans, we are naturally resistant to change, and the pace of change has never been higher than it is today. It can often seem overwhelming, and that we are being ambushed from all around us! Chris Riddell chatted with ABC Darwin’s Richard Margetson to talk about the future of robots, and whether we should be worried about the world being taken over.

In true Australian style, the questions were frank, honest and quirky, with an ending like no other.

The Future of Retail in Australia

Earlier this week I joined Peter Switzer on Sky News Business to talk about some of the challenges that retail are facing here in Australia.

There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever, that digital and technology already are, and will continue to underpin the most significant stories of innovation in the retail space. Creating incredible and highly immersive experiences, collecting insights and real-time data, and joining it all together both online and offline are just some of the key ingredients for retail stores ahead.

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Keynote Speaking for the Digital Age

The 20th century was always going to be a hard act to follow in terms of innovation but we have nevertheless made a great start in the first 15 years of this century. As a futurist and a keynote speaker, making regular appearances at conferences for some of the biggest names in business, I enjoy a bird’s eye view of corporate innovation in action and I am impressed at the rate of change I am currently witnessing. However, I am not just a passive spectator when it comes to technological change in the business world: I am a motivator and enabler.

As far as I am concerned, the job of a keynote speaker in the digital age involves far more than simply summarising the key points of a meeting or conference and communicating them in a lucid manner. A good keynote speaker should be able to deliver his or her speeches with a natural air of authority and a sense of urgency that captivates the minds of the audience.

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