The Future of Jobs, Events and Humanity

with Peter Jack from EMG Events

In the world of events, you are only as good as your suppliers and the people you include in your event design when bringing a creative vision to life. Peter Jack, Creative Director of EMG Events Agency not only runs one of the best events agencies in the country, but is also a very good friend of mine.

This is part one from an hour long conversation, where Peter chats with me about the future of jobs, AI, the trust economy crisis and how to connect humans better with good stories.

You can follow the incredible EMG journey by visiting their website at

Facebook set to be the world’s biggest bank

but will this be the turning point for the media giant?

Global Futurist Chris Riddell joins Channel 7 to talk about Facebook’s recent announcement to move into the world of global banking. Facebook are the world’s biggest media organisation, and with almost 1.7 billion people on planet earth having no banking access – Who is the real target market for the new Libra currency?

Why do we keep getting election predictions so badly wrong?

and why is social media analysis not the silver bullet?

In 2016 the world descended into absolute chaos. Twice. Firstly, there was the Brexit referendum, where the vote was put to the people for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. Then, not long after – Donald Trump won the race to The White House. Both events seemingly came out of nowhere and the experts were dumbfounded.

Now we’re in 2019 and sitting just days on the other side of the Australian election. Many are left scratching their heads in utter disbelief wondering how they got things so ‘badly wrong’.

Global Futurist Chris Riddell joins ABC Richelle Hunt to talk about what went wrong, and what needs to be done to get this right in the future.

What did Facebook get wrong with the Christchurch massacre

and what does this mean for future content moderation?

The Christchurch massacre just recently was one of the most horrific events in our modern world, and one of the many questions that has come out of it is – How did the video of the event stay on Facebook for so long before being taken down? Even more importantly now, we’re left wondering does this mean content should be vetted before being uploaded in the future.

Google+ is being closed amid a new data breach

and Australia launches it’s first homegrown Digital bank

There is no doubt that 2018 will be known as the year of the data breaches from businesses both inside and outside of the walls of Silicon Valley. Alphabet, the parent company to Google, have just announced the closure of Google+, their social media platform. It follows yet another data leak for the giant, and increased pressure on transparency around how data is managed, used and shared in our digital world.

In the last few hours, we’ve also seen Australia launch the first homegrown digital only bank – ‘UP’, from South Melbourne technology firm Ferocia. Backed by both Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, Ferocia started work on the project more than 6 years ago and promises to simplify banking, and use real-time data visualisation to give customers the most “non bank feel” possible.

Healthcare is also a big topic as we move into the end of 2018, with wearable technology now well beyond just measuring steps and movement.

It’s the era of future wellbeing for humanity, and we’re living longer than ever.

Google is the biggest data business in the world

and has just turned 20 years old!

Google has gone from zero to nearly a trillion in 20 years—in pages and value.

The tech giant, which was incorporated September 4, 1998, celebrates its 20th anniversary Tuesday. The company has a market capitalization of more than $850 billion, says it has indexed hundreds of billions of pages and is aware of over 100 trillion.

Along the way, it’s changed its name (twice!), transformed online search and digital advertising, and served as a fierce competitor in the smartphone market, for inexpensive laptops, and in self-driving cars.

So what next for the biggest data company in the world? Global Futurist Chris Riddell joins Sunrise on 7 to talk about this enormous milestone for Silicon Valley.

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