Facebook Spaces is all about Augmented Living

April 19, 2017 Chris Riddell

Facebook Spaces is all about Augmented Living

we are blending with technology

The year 2050 is only 33 years away, but with the ever-accelerating rate of technological innovation and human expansion, we’re heading at hyper speed  towards a seriously brave new world.

Facebook have just announced the new ‘Spaces’ platform which will augment our physical and digital worlds even further, bringing new ultra personalised experiences to us through social media, and in realtime.

SEX and romance with machines, a virtual world indistinguishable from reality, sophisticated computer chips implanted under your skin, Westworld-style theme parks where you can murder robots, sports played in space and wild environmental catastrophes.

Your work-life, entertainment options, relationships and the transport you take will look very different in a few decades’ time.

Ahead of Facebook’s recent announcement of ‘Spaces’, I talked to reporter Nick Whigham from news.com.au about the augmented future into 2050 and beyond.

You can read his full article here.

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