November 1, 2016 Chris Riddell

NSW Future Transport Roadmap Launched

It’s a connected, automated and intelligent future 

Transport for New South Wales are seriously on the move, and have today just launched the exciting Future Transport Roadmap – giving an insight into what lies around the corner for the state when it comes to a truly connected city.

Embracing future technologies, innovation and enabling a culture of adapting to high speed change sit at the very core of this strategy, and it really is an exciting step into the next part of our hyper connected future here in Australia.

Creating Customer driven Innovation to Enable the Future

Five strategies will be executed with the aim of shaping the most customer-centric, innovative, digitally-enabled transportation system in Australia. By incubating new uses, and trialling and adopting innovative, world-class technologies, Transport for NSW will:

  • Develop and connect real-time digital information, navigation, payment and engagement platforms so they are easier to understand and use, and can give personalised, individual service
  • Transform mass transit networks to improve efficiency and service frequency, and reduce transit times, making these services more attractive to our customers
  • Foster shared demand-responsive services to give customers greater choice of mobility options and flexibility to match their needs
  • Pursue national standards for the road infrastructure, systems and regulatory frameworks needed to adopt greater levels of vehicle automation earlier, and identify how best to deliver community benefits that autonomous vehicles will bring
  • Create intelligent transport networks managed with data that enable increasingly efficient, flexible and dynamic service delivery with improved safety, availability, reliability and responsiveness.

The Report Launch

I joined Minister Andrew Constance recently as part of the launch, and you can download the full roadmap of the future from the website here


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