May 1, 2017 Chris Riddell

Predictions for the world in 2050

Virtual will be the new Physical

In the year 2050, our world will be vastly different from what it is today. Virtual and Physical will be fused together beyond recognition – so much so that you won’t be able to tell the difference between the two.

We will also see Artificial Intelligence co-piloting business at the very top, and leaders relying on computers to help them make decisions at every step.

Global Futurist Chris Riddell joined Channel 7 to talk about the world in 2050 and how we will be in a very different era with technology educating our children, and also leading business from the very front. Every decision we make in the year 2050 will be supported by augmented intelligence, and as humanity this will unlock a new future of breakthrough thinking.

We will also see the rise of Sex Robots, and this will challenge what we know to be a relationship. Today, we know relationships to be a human to human connection, however in the future we will live and work with machines in almost every part of our lives.

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