August 31, 2016 Chris Riddell

Driverless just got real in Western Australia

Intelligent, Safer, and Experience driven 

Driverless technology is topic du jour, there is no doubt, and its a race to the finish line. After 10 years of some intense R&D, and some private trials earlier on this year in WA, the Intellibus from RAC might have just taken first position on Perth’s roads yesterday afternoon.

This is a first. A real first. An Australian first

I’m very proud to say that I’ve been involved in this project for a few months now, and I can tell you its really exciting, and even more importantly it’s a complete game changer for us all.

The reason it’s such a game changer is because It’s a first and very important step in getting the public involved in this exciting and very new technology space – the era of driverless. As with any change in our lives, we need to understand it, to fully embrace it and feel comfortable. The vast majority of Australian’s haven’t stepped anywhere near driverless vehicles, and as humans we love to touch and feel new things, and experience what it will do. This kick starts something very important; a relationship and then creates a real-life connection.

There is so much change going on in our modern world at the moment, more so than we have ever seen before. Every morning you wake up, it seems like there is something new going on. Our workplaces are changing, industries are transforming overnight, homes are becoming more blended and connected when it comes to experiences, travel, driverless, mobile, it’s everywhere and exciting. The next 3 years ahead of us, will define and shape the next 100 years in a way that has simply never happened. Ever.

This is important for us, and future generations

I love seeing innovation bringing about real world, practical change, and even more so I love seeing it happen right here at home, in Australia. We should be really proud of this, it really is an exciting project, and it’s a glimpse into our future led by RAC in WA. This is history being written, and in decades to come, it is stories and events like this that will be looked back on as being the very bulding blocks that help shape the world we are going into.

You can get onboard the exciting RAC Intellibus experience in Perth by visiting and booking a ride.


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