July 22, 2015 Chris Riddell

The Future of Retail in Australia

Earlier this week I joined Peter Switzer on Sky News Business to talk about some of the challenges that retail are facing here in Australia.

There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever, that digital and technology already are, and will continue to underpin the most significant stories of innovation in the retail space. Creating incredible and highly immersive experiences, collecting insights and real-time data, and joining it all together both online and offline are just some of the key ingredients for retail stores ahead.

Customers are the future

Shock horror! Thats always been the case hasn’t it? True, but in todays economy, customers have got more access to your competitors than they have ever had. All because of that beautiful device in their pocket. The smartphone. So you’ve got to go that extra mile, in more ways than one. The reality is it’s now more achievable than ever, but you’ve got to want to go there.

The future will see peoples thinking challenged in so many ways. It’s also about creating and nurturing a culture within your retail business to help innovation thrive.


View my full interview here with Peter Switzer at Sky News Business

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