Turning your tech team into the new business rockstars

February 22, 2018 Chris Riddell

Turning your tech team into the new business rockstars

and why IT leadership needs to innovate in chaos

Whatever industry you are in, whatever organisation you have, whatever it is your business does, you are in the business of technology. This type of thinking is at the very core for any business that wants to be relevant in a world beyond tomorrow.

Here is the article from CIO Magazine where I share my latest insights on how to innovate in a world where chaos rules.

“We are all now in the business of technology.”

Different businesses have different structures, he points out.

But he says all of the organisations he has worked with make sure they create IT departments that are ‘rock stars’.

“Amplify the capability, the talent of your technology department,” he states. “Make them to as visible as they can to the business.

“Let the business know what your IT division can do. Move them away from the business of just fixing your laptop.

“These people are critical to what we do, to how we help grow our business.”

Executive support is crucial to make this happen, Riddell states.

“It is hard,” he says, for some CIOs and their teams. “You are going against the culture that has been built decades where that has not been the case.”

“We came from an era where technology was a back office function, being in the base of the business or hidden in the corner of the offices.

The way to get through that is time…and persistence,” he says.

“I have been in organisations where that has been a big issue. The finance head does not see IT as an enabler to the business, they see it as an overhead.

“So when they have to reduce cost, the first area they go to is the IT division.

“That is a big mistake,” he stresses.

“In 2018, if you are looking to reduce costs and the first area going is your technology department, you are on a very slippery road down to the bottom. It is going to spell out disaster for you.

You can read the full CIO article here.


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